Organized - Focused - Loyal
A strong supportive staff is the key to success in
any operation. We train staff to be organized,
focused, and loyal. We teach "systems thinking"
to the team so they fully understand how their
"part" affects the "whole" operation. We develop
plans to allow the staff to see their role as
mutually beneficial.

The Dominion Consultants recognize the
importance of training and re-training, therefore
we use tools that will aid in your staff
development and continuous reinforcement of
employee expectations. The company uses
"Seven Steps To Success" to implement
procedures that will give your company the
desired results.

Eliminate Clutter – Embrace Change

 We Develop The Total Person

The Mind – To be ORGANIZED you must first
eliminate the clutter in your mind. We show you
how to do that.

The Eyes – We train the Team and Leaders to
SEE the disorder and correct it by developing an
eye for excellence.

The Mouth – Team members are taught to
SPEAK the language of the organization.
Communication is key!

The Hands & Feet – We demonstrate how to
WORK smart with your hands and not to WALK
on the path of career/ organization self-

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Our Approach Is Straightforward
We help you Achieve
Peace by eliminating
Stress. We help you Acquire Purpose by
Stagnation. We help you
Productivity by eliminating
Your organization may be ten thousand
people, it may be your family of five, or it
may be that you just want help for yourself
with all of your multiple roles!
At Dominion Consulting we direct CHANGE
for the Total Person, individually or
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Loyalty - The Pathway To Promotion

In life you have to be loyal to God,
yourself, your family, and your colleagues.
This book is for today’s forward thinker
and requires a certain level of conviction.
It will make you laugh, cry, and think about
where you are in life, and where you are
headed. With an amazing way of
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