Going beyond the standards...
The Dominion Consultants go beyond the standards
to provide exciting seminars and workshops that
produce results.

Workshop topics include:

Time Management, Building Effective Teams,
Strategies For Being Organized, Professional
Presentations, Strategies For A Successful Career,   
Business Communication, Strategic Planning,            
Systems Thinking, Technology Today, and others.

We work with each client under unique
circumstances. Each client receives a development
plan that is specific to their operation. Dominion
Consulting has the capability to manage local,
regional, national, and global assignments. Each
assignment is personally managed through
completion by an experienced Dominion Consultant
who has a commitment to service, results, and a
focus on client satisfaction.

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We help you Achieve
Peace by eliminating
Stress. We help you Acquire Purpose by
Stagnation. We help you
Productivity by eliminating
Your organization may be ten thousand
people, it may be your family of five, or it
may be that you just want help for yourself
with all of your multiple roles!
At Dominion Consulting we direct CHANGE
for the Total Person, individually or
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