Putting your mind at ease...
Our clients have assurance and comfort when we handle their projects. We are not afraid
to take on the tough assignments! We use fundamental project management procedures
that guarantee success. We manage projects with excellence and train your staff to
operate in a like manner.

Our Method is Proven With Seven Steps To Success

1. Plan Properly                2. Document the Decision        3. Challenge the Checklist            
4. Jump to the Jetsons      5. Execute with Excellence       6. Reward the
Responsible                                                    7. Debrief and Discover

We can put your mind at ease in knowing that your staff is on course, focused, and
operating at their top level of performance. Allow us to meet with you, hear your desires,
and put together a strategic project plan that is sure to exceed your expectation. You will
be satisfied! Together we can help you build a strong organization.

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Our Approach Is Straightforward
We help you Achieve
Peace by eliminating
Stress. We help you Acquire Purpose by
Stagnation. We help you
Productivity by eliminating
Your organization may be ten thousand
people, it may be your family of five, or it
may be that you just want help for yourself
with all of your multiple roles!
At Dominion Consulting we direct CHANGE
for the Total Person, individually or
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